We are beyond excited to FINALLY begin our 7th season of Yoga + Wine On The Deck with Luminous Living! Please be patient as we navigate through these new guidelines and registration policies we’ve had to implement in order to operate this season. We know that it is a lot, but PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION so that you’re prepared for the season ahead, as there have been many changes. We apologize ahead of time for these guidelines we’ve had to put into place due to reasons beyond our control. We have tried to be as specific as possible so things can run smoothly for all involved, as well as, to have a space to answer any questions you may have about attending class. 


  • There will be NO walk-ins to class. In order to reserve space in class, ALL participants must register and pay prior to.


  • Cost for an hour class + beverage is $15.00. 

  • Registration each week opens NO earlier than Tuesday mornings. 

  • There will be no refunds or credits. ​

  • If you cancel with less than 6 hours notice, no credit or refund will be issued. 

  • In order to stay in compliance with NYS, we must follow the guidelines established by Vesco Ridge Vineyards (SEE SAFETY + STATE MANDATED GUIDELINES BELOW).



Each yoga class focuses on mindful movements, linking breath with transitions in postures. Class includes both static and dynamic movements, allowing the time and space for one to really connect with and sense the power of the body, breath and self. Classes vary each week and are themed on the needs of the collective energy. Classes may also include pranayama (breath work) and integration of mudras. All levels are welcome to attend (always remember to notify the instructor if you have an injury, are recovering from one, or if you're new to the practice). If you are unsure whether or not the class is suitable for you, please contact Melissa at prior to registering. 

  • Class is held every Thursday. 

  • Class begins promptly at 6 pm. Please arrive NO earlier than 20 minutes prior to class. 

  • Ages 18+ 

  • Class is an hour long and is followed by a complimentary drink (wine, beer, soda, or bottled water) of your choice. 

  • Please bring your own yoga mat. There will be limited props available this season. Should you need to borrow props, you are responsible for wiping them down with the provided cleaning supplies immediately following class. Cleaning supplies will be for use on borrowed props only and not for personal use. 

  • Other props you may want to bring: blanket and/or beach towel and yoga blocks. There will be no blankets available this season. 

  • Following class, the bar on the deck will be utilized to serve drinks. 

  • You are still welcome to bring snacks for after class. ​

  • For our 2021 season, we are bringing back our community potluck the third Thursday of every month! Bring a favorite dish, snack, etc. to share with our amazing community.



  • Registration for classes must be made weekly and NO EARLIER than Tuesday mornings. 

  • Registration e-mails will be honored by the time that they are received. DO NOT e-mail any earlier than Tuesday morning, it will not be honored. 

  • To register, e-mail Melissa at In the subject line, write ‘Yoga & Wine.’ DO NOT MESSAGE ON FACEBOOK —> E-MAIL ONLY. 

  • Once your e-mail is received, Melissa will send an invoice via Square, please be sure to check your spam mailbox. 

  • Please pay invoice immediately upon receipt to reserve your space in class. Space is limited and we anticipate a lot of individuals trying to register each week. 

  • We anticipate a wait list for these classes. To ensure your space, payment must be received no later than 4 hours of time invoice was sent. 

  • If you plan to attend other classes throughout the summer, it is recommended that you save your credit card info in Square, so an invoice will not have to be created each time. In the future, once your registration e-mail is received, Melissa can charge you immediately to reserve your space. Melissa can also help to enter this info at class, please just let her know. 


  • There will be no refunds or credits since registration opens on the Tuesday prior to class.

  • TO PRINT OUT WAIVER FOR 2021 SEASON, CLICK ON PURPLE BUTTON BELOW. THIS ONLY NEEDS TO BE FILLED OUT ONCE. Please print waiver, write legibly, and return FULLY completed when you check-in to your first class of the season.



  • is in agreement that s/he is not sick or presenting with any symptoms of illness. 

  • understands that the teacher and/or owner(s) of Vesco Ridge Vineyards have the right to send a student home if they appear to be exhibiting any symptoms of illness. 

  • will not attend class if s/he or anyone in their household has had any of the following symptoms in the last 14 days: sore throat, cough, chills, body aches or shortness of breath for unknown reason, loss of smell or taste, fever at or greater than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

  • agrees to the best of their knowledge, they have not been in close proximity to any individual who tested positive for COVID-19.



  • At this time, teacher will not be providing hands-on assists unless necessary to mitigate a health or safety risk.

  • The teacher will continuously monitor her own health and will not teach a class if not feeling well. 

  • Teacher will document weekly attendance for record keeping. ​



  • There will be designated spaces for you to place your yoga mats to ensure physical distancing of 6 feet while practicing. 

  • Any consumption of food and/or beverage must happen while seated at a table. 

  • Following class, all tables must be 6 feet apart. 

  • Limit of 10 people per table. 

  • You are free to utilize the tables on the lawn. 

  • All students need to wear face masks at any time they are not seated. 

  • Once you check-in, we ask that you find a designated space on the deck to roll out your mat, at this time you can remove your mask. 

  • It is not required to wear a face mask while practicing yoga. However, if you choose to wear a mask during the practice (this is not encouraged due to an increase in demand for oxygen while exerting oneself), it is the student’s responsibility to monitor their bodies more closely throughout practice (e.g., oxygen levels, lightheadedness, headache, confusion, difficulty breathing, increased anxiety, discomfort in the body). If wearing a mask during practice and the student observes any of these symptoms, they will responsibly stop practicing and rest on their mat. ​

Be sure to follow both Vesco Ridge Vineyards and Luminous Living on

social media for any updates and/or changes that could arise

during our season. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate

these uncharted waters with you. 


Melissa + Nancy